We have state-of-the-art apparel manufacturing factory in Kathmandu, Nepal, equipped with the latest technology & machinery, and managed and run by highly skilled employees. Our current industrial set-up allows us to house 500 machines with a total installed production capacity of 2 Million pieces per annum. Under the guidance of the management, there is a continuous effort to upgrade to the latest technology at our manufacturing facilities.

Technology such as the C.A.D System of Lectra and E.R.P Software, not only helps us in reducing production times, but also in improving the quality of the finished product.

Our employees are also given all the necessary training & equipment for us to comply with statutory regulations. We have residential for 300 person and Facilities such as clean and hygienic washrooms, dedicated lunch areas and more are just some of the steps we have taken to ensure a relaxed and comfortable working environment.

Lastly, Fire & Safety norms are strictly enforced, with updated Fire Equipment and First Aid facilities on each factory floor along with dedicated maintenance schedules.

It is this attention to detail that enables us to not only meet client expectations but exceed them year after year, thus becoming the most sought after garment manufacturer in Nepal.